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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Preface for 'Extreme Cold' , 'The Principles of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics' and 'Rhetoric'

HTML'S MAGIC: Extreme Cold - Page 6 - 'A Short History On Perpetual Motion and The Dual Aerolic and Hydraulic Generator'.

Page 6 of 'Extreme Cold'
'A History and Monologue on Matter and Natural Systems
in Materials Science of/for Energy Systems within
any Macroscopic Scale'.

by GP duBerger

When people ask me what do I do, and when I tell them: "Now, I'm writing about the history of thermodynamics among other research and I write about HTML Markup too", and then I proudly show them my website. They immediately, either put me on a pedestal or they think I can built atom bombs, and after a cursory glance they all have decided that this is beyond their ability to understand anything that I've researched, written and displayed.

While writing my monologues, polemics and essays on science, Thermodynamics and matter, I never considered that what I was doing is entirely incomprehensible to 99% of everybody I know, and this was probably true for the rest too, no matter how simple I try to make it or create different ways to present the subject. Thermodynamics, even, has a sense of humour, believe it or not, which you'll find for yourself very quickly in these works. Finding out what makes Nature laugh, and why, is probably more important than knowing how Nature works; or we find a better way to discover how Nature's Universe works and that's the key because you will find, here, that Nature Itself does not think; It works.

Thermodynamics is actually quite simple and very straight forward aside from being a subject one can easily get addicted to and love and, at least, can be considered an original subject since no one talks about it, and, surprisingly, it has little to do with building bombs but more to do with life and even survival for everybody and everything. Thermodynamics is the red carpet to other forms of energy and matter that are all around us where one can literally plug, charge or power-up anything with it, to operate virtually any type of machinery if the device is designed to do such things and these things are simpler than you would imagine but most don't see the "connection" because most have been programmed to not see these things because our captains of industry, venture capitalists and the banks don't want you to know anything unless it benefits them (this I will prove, show and demonstrate).

But, machines, themselves, to function must be connected to the Universe in some way before they even exist, so it's pretty silly to think that only energy provided by some branded utility or a supplier is the only entity assigned to do run things exclusively. They provide a convenience, that's it and that's all, and it is the ignorant thrall like a Homer Simpson or George Jetson who believes otherwise.

The seed crystal that started these compilations was a horrible and corrupting documentary I saw on PBS called, 'Absolute Zero' that was filled with all sorts of lies and distorted concepts and "facts" from Ph.D's, which I already knew that plenty of their assertions and patter were all wrong from Art History, of all places, and this flashy "documentary" evidently was made to corrupt a new generation; on the meaning and purpose of science and society to create better slaves for the future who will buy things they should not have to buy, and pay for problems that they should of never paid for in the first place, and to rationalize an established inter-generational tyranny which lowers the value of the existence of succeeding generations, which by now in 2013 is happening geometrically (Free Trade) .

Authority has been very busy and really knows how to put on the make-up on it's ugly, desiccated, old and mummified face. These ageing boomer's who were hippies and became millionaires and billionaires should retire and go back to using LSD and Speed and read poetry and leave the world alone because the way I see them: I see them as hypocrites and they have never done anything gracefully or were grateful for anything either and have spread their own revolution beyond the dreams of vanity and avarice and it's now time for fresh ideas and we, certainly, are not going to get them from this group.

I ranted about this "documentary" with a sarcastic "revision" (Which is why it was originally titled 'Extreme Cold" and remains so) which eventually grew into these essays and monologues 'Extreme Cold', 'The Principles of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics' and 'Rhetoric' of which I even had to create my own working Principles for the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics (explain to the world, Mr. Scientist, why we have Fundamental Laws with no Principles and false laws with Principles that contradict themselves, when put in different systems)

These works are still growing much like the Universe itself, including many spin-off essays that reveal wonderful things, where anyone with three functioning synapses would be able to understand, or inevitably understand, where they somehow become part of you in everything and as a good friend or companion. I even discover, along the way, new things in HTML markup, all the time, for me to learn and amuse myself with and the things I develop myself, or with problems I encounter, and they have a purpose too hence the title of this website, originally, was simply existing to study, learn and implement HTML markup and you'd be surprised in how it follows the Laws of Thermodynamics too. So I learned that the best way to learn this language is to implement it with practice and creativity. I have learned that this technology is changing all the time anyway so there's no point learning this subject by rote except for the basics.

The only form of Fate that exists is Thermodynamics. The Fates themselves are three sisters that are like three systems like one sees with The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics (The most fundamental Law of Nature of all). One sister weaves the thread, the other measures the thread and the other sister cuts the thread and this cycle continues forever as this is the same in Thermodynamics if it were to be portrayed allegorically in any open system.

Evidently, the ancients knew about Thermodynamics in their symbolic way to represent things, and with their ingenious inventions shows as much and where things like "The Four Elements" Earth, Air, Fire and Water are simply renamed today as Solids, Gases, Plasmas and Liquids and the concepts are not handled entirely different either. It's all intellectualized nonsense to serve Judeo-Christian idealism and propaganda and to be able to discredit or besmirch our polytheist brothers of the past.

Myself, not knowing much about Thermodynamics, except from the point of view of what artistic philosophy, art history and study of art technique has already shown me, and that which any real artist must know to be an artist, has, through this avenue, taken me out and away from the dry concepts one finds in reference books and resources that kills any interest in the subject of Thermodynamics and has revealed to me a wonderful uncomplicated, even playful, Universe with its own philosophy and meaning that no man has any right to say or dictate what that is in any way, shape, form or system, even spiritually!

The Universe is it's own spirit and one learns through Thermodynamics, not to talk about it like it was not there in the room Itself, where it's even in the sound vibrations of the presider or expert who's talking, whether he be an eminent physicist or an impudent evangelical preacher, and in his mind with his closed system thoughts that produces electrical impulses to come out with the rubbish we will "know", in both organized science and organized religion.

So maybe I can build atom bombs and this is the kind of bomb I thought of when this was suggested to me as being capable of producing and not the other kind we find in arsenals and silos and this made me laugh at my own innocence when I realized this, and so my answer was "yes", although I don't know if that made him happy, but I don't think either interpretation would make anyone happy so there was no point in revealing this distinction to this person. Me and Nature knew the joke and that was Sufficient.

Because of the way people are taught about how the Universe functions, where there is no reflection to your own existence allowed, that Nature provides amply, where people instead listen to human authority exclusively, and as a closed system on top of that, in both science and religion we cut ourselves off from Nature and everything exists in/as closed systems.

Forget you, yourself, not understanding thermodynamics; your teachers and professors don't understand it either (I have proof there too) and DON'T want to understand it either, but they will give you a long ontological discussions on the meaning of life, entropy, or god, or the Universe, etc., etc.

Experience, here, is the key because, as an artist, I want the reader to experience science and philosophy, and not necessarily understand. Understanding will come later when you become part of these things, but these portals I provide into all sorts of things have a convenient exist exit door too; where you can just carry its information and come back anytime you wish, later. There is no control here; there is only you and the intrinsic nature of things, where you decide what you want to connect to or inherit for yourself. This can only enhance your own uniqueness and individuality, which is the right of any mortal being to have because these things turn purpose into meaning and objectives into a better philosophy that surpass anything you have ever known before from any other source, which you must discover for yourself, at any rate, on any scale.

Here I will reveal how the intellectual and anti-intellectual among others have corrupted Thermodynamics, science, cosmology (which is just as bad as mythical cosmogonies), particle/theoretical physics and even organized belief systems and have purposely created the most unsustainable Industrial Revolution that is guaranteed to kill everything overtime, when they had all around them, available, the means to create much better systems that would of been totally sustainable and even nurturing towards Nature and would of propelled all men to a new age of new discovery that only an artist, today, can be aware of and would of brought improved lives throughout the planet with each passing generation rather than the societies we have today, where children are being produced to pay for their parents industrial/technological debts to society in a variety of ways, in both the First and Third Worlds where I intend to show these kids and future generations how to wipe out these debts in just a couple of years and take the power which belongs to them to guide their own future's, down to each individual, which they have every right to and leave the horrors that my, and former generations have produced, to be turned to dust and forever forgotten because that's what they deserve.

For a subject that is not taught in any level of education, you will be very surprised at what Thermodynamics does actually touch, in all walks of life, and you will wonder at one point, yourself, why this is not one of the first subjects taught to children, (in its basic form) along with the reading, writing and arithmetic especially in modern societies that depend more and more on sophisticated technology, where a simple knowledge base on Thermodynamics would be indispensable to these children when they become adults when managing any kind of technology. Even that which has not been invented yet, since, whatever it is, it depends on thermodynamics and a particular system to exist.

Regardless, It doesn't cost anyone to read and everyone can use new ideas, and the information that is contained in these titles will coalesce in a manner best described by/in the architecture of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, itself, which for some, this will be an explosion and for others it will be as gentle as a cooling breeze as they are the same, except it is the dimension of Time that is involved to achieve thermal equilibrium, in their respective open systems that is different, or put in another way; You should be well rested before reading anything here and then you should sleep on any new ideas put down here after reading them. When and how you implement this cycle is entirely up to you and is probably the best way too.

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GP duBerger

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